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Archives Committee

  1. Develop archiving procedure with ACHNE Secretary and Kellen Management for annual transfer of documents to Archival Collection.
  2. Continue to implement a collections plan for the ACHNE Archives, in collaboration with the Archivist of the Barbara Bates Center for Study of the History of Nursing at the University of Pennsylvania.
  3. Engagement members in archiving activities through periodic contributions to ACHNE newsletter.
  4. Record interviews of Past Presidents and share highlights with membership.
  5. Participate in the 40Th Anniversary planning for ACHNE.
  6. Demonstrate the linkages between current PHN practice and history through various media.
  7. Explore idea of providing a workshop about the work of the Archives Committee, during an ACHNE meeting.
  8. Link interested ACHNE members to Archives Cte members & others, to provide mentorship for:
  9. Prepare and assist ACHNE members to use ACHNE archival materials at UPenn Barbara Bates Archives, & at Boston University (Assn of Graduate Faculty).
  10. Offer to consult with ACHNE members in identifying & developing oral history data collection strategies related to nurses and nursing.
  11. Amend current IRB-approved interview questions for Past-Presidents, to add additional question: "Think back over your two years as president. What work or issues did ACHNE address during your term as president that related to emerging roles of public health nurses?"

Awards Committee

  1. Member education through continued reports and information via the web and email.
  2. Yearly review of actual awards given to determine if awards are appropriate (fitting and attractive) and economical (reasonable).
  3. Encourage members to nominate students for student awards for more exposure to the student population.
  4. Work closely with committee members with ongoing communication.
  5. Recruit one current member to become chair one year prior to current chair leaving and mentor in all activities.
  6. Identify needs or questions from members that apply to nominating people for appropriate awards and add to/change current information and instructions.
  7. Make sure members know that the committee is available to answer questions.
  8. Recruit members for the committee annually at the Annual Institute with current members offering input as to their roles.
  9. Provide the format and means for honoring nurses in areas of public health nursing: education, research, service, and practice.
  10. Encourage new students in graduate education related to public health nursing by offering a membership.

Bylaws Committee

  1. To complete review of the operational manual in relation to agreement between the manual and Robert’s Rules of Order.

Communications Committee

  1. Support and promote new website.
  2. Increase promotion of ACHNE, by creating communication that will recruit new members, and by increasing communication that promotes ACHNE activities.
  3. Through ACHNE newsletters, which are to be published 3 times per year, we will increase communication with membership about ACHNE, committees, and newsworthy items.
  4. Create a YouTube production that will:
    • provide an overview of ACHNE and value of membership.
    • increase awareness and promote ACHNE.
  5. For all members of communications committee, will:
    • Hold monthly conference calls.
    • Seek engagement and ideas from all committee members.
    • Welcome new members.
  6. Currently 2 co-chairs for the committee.
    • Co-chairs and editor work on newsletter.
    • One additional editor is available as needed.
  7. In newsletters: A newsworthy piece is included in each newsletter with latest info about public health and public health nursing. This type of article is being promoted and requested from members.

Education Committee

  1. Determine best practices for communicating innovative teaching strategies and other education committee related resources.
  2. Develop materials for distribution to the general membership including a list of Innovative Teaching Strategies and other education resources.
  3. Offer mentoring services for members seeking guidance on development of innovative teaching strategies or other education projects.
  4. Draft a position paper regarding inclusion of Population Health/PHN concepts in the BSN, MSN, and DNP Essentials.

Finance Committee

  1. Reviewing the monthly budgets and investments accounts and planning and overseeing the yearly budget.
  2. The FC supports the different committees to have their request for financial resources met to fulfill their goals.
  3. The FC will support the membership committee for membership developing and mentoring to provide them with the needed financial resources.
  4. The FC will support the membership committee for membership developing and mentoring to provide them with the needed financial resources.
  5. FC proposes a membership scholarship for one or two non-academic PHN(s).

Membership Committee

  1. Review and expand engagement with general membership to promote long-term retention.
  2. Engage student members to promote general membership.

Nominating Committee

  1. Explore social media (Twitter, Facebook) within the planned organizational web page as a means of communicating information about ACHNE leadership opportunities.
  2. Develop a consistent repository for documents (checklists, letter templates, minutes, previous reports) used by the committee including development of a guide for the chairperson.
  3. Improve process and accountability for obtaining candidate information and contacting candidates after election.
  4. To implement an on-line process for accepting leadership nominations.
  5. Explore use of forums within other national nursing organizations (AACN, STTI, NLN) to promote involvement and engagement.

Program Committee

  1. Operationalize the timeline for the program committee to be placed in the operations manual to guide the program committee.
  2. Use the Program Committee timeline in the Operations Manual- task assignments, to complete work and to address and determine the role of ACHNE management in providing needed resources and requests for support.
  3. Plan and execute quality AI’s based on yearly AI evaluation surveys and continue to plan joint conferences with related organizations, such as APHN.
  4. Provide an evaluation survey at AI registration desk to ask attendees who would like to be matched with another member for mentoring re: to ACHNE involvement online and at AI.
  5. Create strategies to increase numbers of students joining ACHNE and registering at conferences by 50%.
  6. Identify nursing schools near the location of each Annual Institute. Send special invitations to students to attend the AI.Offer students a reduced registration fee with discounts for four or more students attending from the same school.
  7. Collaborate with external nursing agencies-such as AONE, to design and implement mentoring and leadership programs with presentations at each AI.
  8. Collaborate with other PH partners, such government, school health nurses and the global nursing community as examples, for the development of the AI conference in 2017.

Research Committee

  1. Small Grants & Pre-conference sub-committee:
    • Support the funding and review process of small grants to enhance long-term member retention.
    • Collaborate with the Program Committee to offer the 2017 Pre-conference workshop.
  2. Peer-mentoring & Pre-conference Workshop:
    • Explore an implementation plan to support a peer-mentoring program in evidence-based practice and research for ACHNE members at the 2017 Annual Institute Pre-conference Research Workshop.
  3. Research Priorities:
    • Finalize ACHNE board approval of research priorities by the 2017 Annual Institute.
    • Submit a manuscript of ACHNE research priorities following board review prior to 2017 Annual Institute.